Autour de Marcel Proust

Wall Installation, around Marcel Proust's "petite madeleine" excerpt from "A La Recherche du Temps Perdu" (in Search for Lost Time). Dimension variable, about 2,50 x 3 m.
Cut-outs of sentences are based on the grammatical structure, which also provide cues for comprehension. 
Sentences are hung randomly with red thread; the original linearity of the text is broken, the red thread connects the fragmented text and the poetry of each sentence is highlighted. 
A contemporary reading is proposed for a beautiful classical text, with multiple entries. The text itself offers a deep and beautiful reflection on remembrance and its manifestations which is also applicable to imaginative and creative processes.

The wall installation was presented together with artist books of the excerpt, either in French or in German, for the viewer to be able to (carefully!) hold an object and read the original narrative.

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"... un de ces gateaux courts et dodus appelés Petites Madeleines...", Artist Book, 12 x 13 cm, Jun. 2011

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