Cellular Cabin

Exhibition "Transformation I"
        Ariel Gout - Ulrike Mohr
                  on view until Oct. 25th 2013.

"Ausstellungsansicht Temporären Galerie in der Quartiershalle Campus Rütli – CR² - Sept. 2013"

to contact Ariel Gout, please send an email to: arielismoving[at]gmail[dot]com

Installation View,
Middle: "Anthrakothek" by Ulrike Mohr,
Left: "Line and Cellular Growth #8" (drawing by Ariel Gout)
Right: "Cellular Cabin" (by Ariel Gout).



Cellular Cabin, details (click on image to enlarge).

Cellular Cabin,
135 x 135 x 250 cm,
Baking paper, transparent paper, cotton thread, woodsticks.
Sept. 2013.

Line and Cellular Growth,
240 x 107 cm,
Ink on paper, 21 sheets on wall,

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